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This community was originally made by sin__andlie and sundaydrive and handed over to myelf [veritaserum]. It was made because there are many old and very established claims communities out there but, well, all the good movies are taken! All that I veritaserum ask is that you follow the rules that we have posted below, and read the Claims List. Thanks! :]

The Rules

1. Every person who joins the community is allowed one claim each [this excludes the mod]. And there may be four people to each claim, but it stops there.

2. You will not be allowed to change your claim, so be sure that you are claiming the movie you really want.

3. You must join the community and POST AN ENTRY to claim a movie. If you try to claim in a comment, your request will be ignored. YOU MUST REMAIN A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY IN ORDER YO KEEP YOUR CLAIM.

4. If you change journals please let me know by stating your old & new journal names and what you claimed so that I can update your claim.

5. Do not attempt to claim more than one movie after already possessing a claim. I know who has claimed and who hasn't, and if caught doing this more than once, you will be stripped of your claim.

6. The only time you may advertise your community is when you make your claim, and it must be a claims community. Otherwise, your post will be deleted.

7. This is just for fun. You don't have any real "claim" on these movies. And no fighting over movies, guys. Keep the peace.

That's it! So join and stake your claim!

Please check out; claim_a_writer